Joachim Kreutzer

Mainzer-Straße 52
66121 Saarbrücken


+ 49.(0).

+ 49.(0).681.37.67.52

VAT-ID: DE 13 80 57 368
Customs-No.: 60 65 503


Website service provider within the meaning of Paragraph 5 of the German Federal Broadcast and Electronic Media Act (TMG)

Joachim Kreutzer
Mainzer-Straße 52
66121 Saarbrücken


VAT Reg. No. in accordance with Sec. 27a, UStG (German VAT Act):
DE 13 80 57 368

Person with responsibility for website content as set out in Paragraph 55(2) of the Interstate Treaty on Broadcasting (RStV):
Joachim Kreutzer (address as given above)

Programming and Realization

Klaus Schäfer
Saarbrücken / Germany

Tel.: +49 (0) 177 643 60 34

Layout: Eike Häcker
Relaunch: Klaus Schäfer

Customer Service

Do you want to sell anything but do not know exactly how and where you get an adequate price? We’d love to help you, appraise your piece and take it into our catalogue as good on consignment. We act as agent for you to get in contact with customers and connoisseurs who appreciate the value.

Are you looking for a particular style or piece of furniture and could not find it yet? Our service includes the search for those items as well.

Please contact us for that you can satisfy your desire.

Transport and delivery service

You don’t want or are not able to pick up your piece of furniture on your own? We collaborate with a wide network of suppliers and carriers. Regarding the optimal packaging standards, we identify the best shipping price for you in advance for your piece.

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